We are a well-rounded company with full quality in the provision of aeronautical services.

Our work team integrates experience on the management of preventive aircraft maintenance field and on the execution of air operations in varied areas. As well, we have the ability to execute consultancies and advising on different spheres in the aeronautical activity.

Our services

Management of preventive aircraft maintenance
Test flights after corrective maintenance
Technical reports on buying and selling of aircraft
Development of painting design and aircraft upholstery’ projects
Aircraft administration
Aviation Technical Reports
Consultancies in aeronautical legislation
Heliports construction projects
Aeronautical business management
Management in the recruitment and selection of pilots and flight instructors

Other services

Cristián Cofré Trommer

Business Manager

“It drive us being able to provide an excellence service according to the necessities and quality standards…

Waldo Díaz Vásquez


“We believe in a well done work and in the transparency towards the client. Our methodology allows…


To be the leading company on preventive maintenance management and aeronautical consultancies. We look forward to be recognized as a strong and professional business, with human quality, that provides services and products of excellence. Our motivation is to achieve a highly productive, innovative, competitive and customer-oriented enterprise.


To protect our clients’ interests because we understand and appreciate the efforts they make in post to monetize high cost investments. To do so, we provide a total quality service to people who see through the aeronautical activity the fulfillment of a dream.

Spirit and values of Aerocheck

We are passionate professionals about our work and through a high grade service, we create a culture of collaboration, innovation and integrity, always striving for excellence in the aeronautical industry.

We are interested in the final result of the work entrusted, but also how we achieve it since our principles and ethics are the norm and labor directive.

We have an efficient and effective performance in all areas of business thanks to our individual and team competences. We know that each contact with the client is the basis of our organizational environment that lies in our credibility and is projected in our image.
The constant improvements allows us to produce optimal results since we know that the satisfaction of our customers is the best revenue.
The accomplishment of our tasks and obligations with the client allows us day by day to be in accordance with the mission and vision of Aerocheck.

The brand

Our corporative image combines the concept of Globality and Technology. Globality through the circle that express efficiency in the service and integration of aeronautical knowledge and experience. The concept of Technology is reflected through the silver color of the logo and is related to the materiality of the aircraft. The isotype also contains the checklist sign with a bias of moving wings, ethereal concept that gives it value of modernity and timelessness.